Meeting Minutes

Checkout our overall progress

01 Oct 2016

Compile and practice presentation

Went over web site which is looking good awesome overall:
  • Just need to add the final content from our joint google docs.
  • Professional ethics and work sections are difficult to use as tools when analyzing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  • Tim needs to add the references for timeline section of website
Discussion of presentation:
  • Went over content for each slides and made smaller adjustments
  • The overall outline was restructured to make our arguments more clear
  • Certain images needs to be replaced to better supplement the text
  • Final division of who presents what slides
Until next time:
  • Practice your slides individually
  • Full rehearsal of presentation next meeting Monday
  • Make your additions to website
26 Sep 2016

Complete site, start presentation

What we did:
  • Start outline of presentation
  • Research on chapter topics
  • Brainstormed ideas
  • Start outline of presentation
  • Decide on conclusion
    • The future implication section
What we will do:
  • Continue outline of presentation
  • Write website chapter paragraphs
19 Sep 2016

Discussing each other's research work

What we did:
  • Discuss findings from last week.
  • Bitcoin history and technology.
  • Potential problems of blockchain technology-- storing the entire block chain.
  • Technology behind bitcoin. Can it be adopted into the world? What are the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Different perspectives - ethics, crime, technology/software, banking
  • Block chain technology in other services?
What we will do:
  • Work on website:
    • Everyone will work on a page for the website
      • Add to topics from chapter
    • Everyone will work on the timeline, fill in history
      • At least two entries in the table each
    • Add Real time chart?
10 Sep 2016

First meeting

Structure of project work
  • Split responsibilities and meeting
Come up with a conclusion
  • 1 week exploring research
  • 1-2 week of more intense research
Big things:
  • Where in the future the technology is going
    • Big companies are starting to dabble in cryptocurrency
  • Question of whether it will become adopted and how
    • Not necessarily our conclusion
  • Research Areas
    • Functionality, practical stuff to understand
    • Tech background
    • Ethics of cryptocurrency (illegal business)
      • Lack of legal framework
      • Mining is done botnets
    • Big boom and crash for BitCoin
    • Other cryptocurrencies
      • Why is bitcoin the most popular
For next week:
  • Nick - Future
  • Isamu - Crime/ethics
  • Dmytro - Web site
  • Tim - Technical side
Remember to look for scholarly sources. Stages
  • Mining and increased value
  • Supply and demand
  • If interest is lost, price can drop to the point where it is worthless
Resources and Articles:
    • Market caps and daily trading volumes
    • News